Leadkeeper goes solo!

TUSTIN, California (April 10, 2003) The outstanding reception to the Leadkeeper concept from auto dealers nationwide has led eMarket ONE to spin the Leadkeeper program into its own corporate entity.  The company has filed articles of incorporation with the state of California and will be called Leadkeeper, Inc.

The Leadkeeper system was developed in response to the crying need from car dealers to recognize a greater return on their ad dollars.  Zero and low interest rate loans could only drive the market so far, and it was apparent that dealers needed to drive costs lower in order to realize a larger margin from lower revenue figures.

Leadkeeper is an enterprise-wide communications system that keeps dealers in touch with their prospects and customers on a regular basis.  Depending on where the leads come from, a series of rich emails is sent to the prospect.  Different messages come from the sales, parts, or service departments, all personalized to the customer.

The program is an excellent addition to any programs a dealer may already have in place.  For a tiny fraction of a dealer’s ad budget, they can now continuously promote their products and services to the best prospects they have – people who know them and want the information. 

LEADKeeper has only just become available, and has already received positive attention from industry media.  Ad agencies, sales organizations, and industry representatives are all making the LEADKeeper system a part of their service offerings, bringing local representation to a national audience. 

As dealerships begin utilizing the efficiency and power of the Internet, consumers will benefit by being able to access information from dealers that they want to hear from – instead of the other way around.

Contact: Jay Goth


LEADKeeper Automotive Systems
A division of Leadkeeper, Inc.
5442 Mountain View Ave.
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