They can leave your lot, but they can't leave your reach

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Improve Sales to Existing Leads
Hedge Against Turnover
Boost Support Services


Hands Off - You Do Nothing

No Computer Investment

No Long Term Contracts

Internet Based / Multi-User



Test Drive LEADKeeper NOW!No matter how terrific your auto advertising program is and how well trained your sales staff is, some prospects are just not going to buy the first time on the lot.  Sure, your salespeople try to collect their name and address, but do those leads EVER get followed up on?

What is your dealership's closing rate? Twenty percent?  Thirty?  What about the other seventy to eighty percent of your visitors?  Your ad budget is being wasted unless you have a way to reach those prospects after they have left your lot or website!

The LEADKeeper system is designed to contact every single person who comes visits your lot - whether they are buyers, lookers, purchasing a part or getting their car serviced. We even contact people who visit your website or call in on an ad for more information.

Best of all, they actually look forward to hearing from you, as we contact them with attractive offers on vehicles, financing, and services - with promotions and incentives tied directly to the communication!

Make your ad budget count by including our LEADKeeper System.  The extra sales you get from contacting “lost” customers will pay for the System over and over again.


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