They can leave your lot, but they can't leave your reach

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Improve Sales to Existing Leads
Hedge Against Turnover
Boost Support Services


Hands Off - You Do Nothing

No Computer Investment

No Long Term Contracts

Internet Based / Multi-User

Test Drive LEADKeeper NOW!Let's face it, the turnover rate in most sales departments is a killer. What happens to the leads a salesperson has when they leave your dealership?  They take them with them!  (Of course, that assumes that they ever got any to begin with.) 

With our system, each salesperson is required to deliver their leads to the staff person in your group that adds them to our proprietary database system.  Once the lead is entered, it is in YOUR database - forever.

We track each lead by salesperson, so you know who is collecting leads and who is wasting resources..  Imagine the possibilities of assigning leads to top closers, giving spiffs based on lead collection, and analyzing lead to closing ratios!

The most important thing is that you are now building a database of people interested in receiving information about your products and services - the people you want to be contacting on a regular basis.


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