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About LEADKeeper Systems

Leadkeeper, Inc. is a closely held California corporation located in Temecula California.  With extensive backgrounds in marketing and sales, the principals of the business have developed a system designed to help auto dealers turn leads into sales.  The company also owns and operates The Newsletter Place (, a leader in the design, writing, composition and delivery of email newsletters.  With clients ranging from large hospitality organizations to Madison Avenue PR firms to recognized technology companies, we cut our teeth on creating vibrant, exciting newsletters that deliver results.

LEADKeeper Automotive Systems recognizes that auto dealerships can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every month to generate floor traffic.  Every dealership has a certain percentage of people that buy a vehicle on their first visit. GREAT.  It's the people that can't or won't buy on their first visit, and the salespeople that won't follow up to get them back in for a second visit,  that are costing the dealerships huge sums of money on lost sales opportunities.

LEADKeeper was designed to not only solve that problem, but to create additional aftermarket sales and service opportunities. 

The Prime Directive: Create a follow-up program that keeps the dealership and sales effort in front of potential buyers during that critical 3-5 day period in which they'll buy their car and provide them with reasons to return for their purchase - and again later for aftermarket sales and service. 

The Caveat: The system cannot require any ongoing effort on the part of the dealership or its sales staff.

LEADKeeper has achieved its goals.  Now it's ready to help Automobile Dealers achieve theirs.

To see how incredibly easy and effective LEADKeeper is visit the TOUR page.


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