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  1. Why can't I do this myself?
  2. Where do you get the email addresses?
  3. What about visitors to my web site?
  4. What about my Internet department?
  5. I already have a follow-up system. Why do I need you?
  6. What if they don't want to get my emails?
  7. What is your track record?
  8. What is a send to a friend box?
  9. What is a “link”?
  10. Nobody reads all the email anymore.  Why would they read mine?
  11. Who owns the database?
  12. What is your privacy policy?
  13. What is a newsletter?
  14. Who does the copywriting?
  15. Can I offer advertising space in my newsletter?
  16. How much do you charge?
  17. What is your "introductory offer"?
  18. What guarantees do you offer?
  19. What about...?

Why can't I do this myself?

The question isn't why can't you - it's why HAVEN'T you.  There are two answers to this question.  First of all, there are any number of "CRM" or "Contact Manager" programs out there.  Many dealers are already paying for this feature as a part of their DMS with their data management provider (Reynolds and Reynolds, Cobalt, etc.) So why aren't dealers using it??

Unlike ours, these systems require an action on your part to make them go.  In many cases they require special training just to operate them. They may remind you to make a call or send a letter or fire off an email, but it is still up to you and your sales crew to DO IT.  In too many cases, this critical sales step falls through the cracks.

Ours is a "set it and forget it" deal.  Once you have entered the original prospect data into your database you can completely forget about it.  We make sure all of the sales letters and newsletters go out on schedule.  (See how and why - click here)

Second, and just as important, you want your correspondence to look like a million dollars.  We have been designing and sending rich media (colorful) email for years.  There is an art to creating high-graphic newsletters like ours.  In a recent test by a client, nine e-newsletter vendors were tested on execution and delivery of a newsletter.  Only one company delivered the same looking newsletter over multiple email clients.  That was us!

So, long story short - first of all you WON'T do what we do consistently.  And second, you CAN'T do what we do as well as we do it. 

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Where do you get the email addresses?

This is the only thing we don't provide.  It is up to the dealership to obtain and enter the email addresses into their database.  We provide a simple web page that has the form they enter the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Salesperson name into.  After that, the dealer never has to worry about it again.  We make sure the letters go out in the correct sequence and that all customers and prospects receive a newsletter. 

We will help your dealership get the email addresses - see our white paper on how to collect email addresses for starters.  We can also provide showroom displays that will allow visitors to sign themselves up.

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What about visitors to my website?

We will provide a customized code for your home page.  This will show up on the page as a box in which you invite web visitors to join your exclusive "Exclusive Internet VIP club" to receive unadvertised special offers and discounts.  Now when surfers hit your site to compare pricing, etc. you can get their email address and immediately send them your current newsletter.  Now you can market to them through your newsletters over and over again!

Speaking of websites, we have talked to several dealers who have complained about spending a ton of money on a website that is not producing results.  The concept of buying a car directly off the Internet is pretty much dead, but the use of the web by buyers to research and access information before they shop has been skyrocketing.  Instead of having someone hit your site once, look for a price and go away, wouldn't you like a chance to open a dialog with them?  Here is your opportunity!

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What about my Internet department?

Leadkeeper frees your Internet department to do what they were hired to do: create and maintain an attractive site that gets responses and to sell cars!  After visiting dozens of car dealers and meeting with several Internet managers, it is obvious that way too much of their time is taken up with following up emails that go nowhere. 

As with any other sales position, a lead should be called immediately and an appointment made for a visit to the dealership.  If the prospect will not commit to an appointment, they should go into the Leadkeeper system immediately, leaving your crew free to pursue the truly "hot" leads and keep your site optimized while knowing that every single lead is receiving the appropriate attention and follow-up.  You do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.

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I already have a follow-up system. Why do I need you?

If you have a telephone or postal follow-up system, it generally breaks down after several answering machines or mailings.  After a while, the leads fall into a "dead" category, but that person does buy a car - just not from you!

With Leadkeeper, we deliver a series of high impact, personalized sales letters during the crucial 3-5 day buying cycle.  If they don't buy during that time, we send a newsletter every two weeks to every single person entered into the database as long as you use our service.  So whether the prospect is ready to buy tomorrow or two years from now, you have maintained the most important marketing goal of all - top of mind positioning.

In fact, we recommend that dealers continue to use the follow-up systems that they are using today - Leadkeeper just makes them all the more effective.  Think about how nice it will be to call a prospect and ask them if they received the email you sent! 

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What if they don't want to get my emails?

Not everyone will provide an email address - in fact, not everyone has one (although about 80% of adults today do!)  However, more and more people are preferring to receive information from companies via email instead of postal mail or telephone.  Not every communications method is foolproof, and some visitors to your dealership will never give you any contact information (or they will give you incorrect information, right?)  The fact of the matter is that a high percentage will be happy to provide their email address, and these are your strongest prospects.

Naturally, every email sent has a link that the reader can utilize to remove themselves from your list.  You don't want to waste energy on people who don't want to hear what you have to say, and this keeps you from annoying people and receiving spam complaints.

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What is your track record?

We have been creating and delivering html newsletters for several years.  We have developed the most robust, and in many opinions best looking, newsletters around.  If you want to see examples of newsletters from other industries, go to The Newsletter Place

We have only recently targeted the automotive niche and are just now generating statistics.  Our first commercial application has been a huge success.  This dealer started with no (zero) email addresses.  They collected only 22 addresses their first week.  On the seventh day of the program they received two strong buying responses to the sales letters.  The next day they collected 14 addresses!  In a little over two weeks, our first client collected 70 email addresses for the sales program and an additional 88 emails from parts and service customers.  The sales letters have generated seven individual responses, ranging from people wanting to make a deal that day to a customer complaining that the salesperson didn't send the information she requested.  This kind of information can be just as important to a dealership as a sale!

Since then, we have added more dealers to our system.  All have had very positive results. One dealer has been adding new addresses every day, and is now receiving as many as five buying responses per week. This dealer started with less than two hundred email addresses and now has over 1100 customers in their email database.

Maybe your most important question should be "what will your track record be with me?"  With our 30 day introductory offer, you have very little to risk to find out!

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What is a send to a friend box?

Each newsletter contains an area in which we encourage them to forward the newsletter to a friend or colleague.  They may know someone who is looking for a car, or needs to have their car serviced. This is the electronic version of word of mouth referral, and is known as “viral marketing”.  This is a very key advantage to the Leadkeeper system - you now have the ability to gain referrals on a regular basis...without even asking!

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What is a “link”?

Originally called hyperlinks, these are either text or graphic links that can be clicked on to take readers to a specific web page.  In your newsletter, readers can click on a link to your service department to set an appointment (if you have that option on your site), click to the parts department, or go to your site to check inventory or pricing.  We can provide numerous links, depending on what you have available on your site and where you want your readers to go.

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What if nobody reads the email?

The emails you send are different from the "Spam" that everyone gets in their mailbox.  Your prospects and customers have provided you with their email address in order for you to send them information (in this case your follow-up letters and newsletters.)   That doesn't mean that they will read every email you send them.  Even our best newsletters get an open rate of 70-85%. 

The key thing is that when your readers do need auto service or are looking to buy a car - there you are!  Also, even if they delete your email without reading it, they usually look at the subject line first.  Your name always appears there, so no matter what, your are getting an "impression".  In advertising, it's all about reach and frequency.  With Leadkeeper, you are reaching your best prospects every two weeks!

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Who owns the database?

You do.  If you ever want it, for any reason whatsoever, we will send you the entire file.  However, you do not have to worry about managing it!

We manage your subscription list.  When we send out a newsletter, we get bounce backs and requests to unsubscribe.  In the case of bounce backs, there are probably subscribers who have changed e-mail addresses or had email addresses entered incorrectly. We immediately (it is actually automatic) respond to unsubscribe requests by sending a confirmation e-mail letting the subscriber know their address is being removed and thanking them for their readership.  We also process new subscription requests from subscribe boxes if you use them.  We also update your list from any files you send us outside of our control.  We never commingle lists among our clients - they are all kept in separate files..

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What is your privacy policy?

We never share e-mail addresses with anyone for any reason ever.  Our business depends on the fact that we keep our clients’ lists private.

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What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a tool that provides people who are interested in your company or organization with information in a consistent way.  It can go to customers, prospects, shareholders, employees – even media people who cover your industry!  When done correctly, it can be a very attractive way to keep the lines of communication open with the people who make your company work.  Newsletters have been around hundreds of years and are a proven communications and customer service tool.

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Who does the copywriting?

While you can always submit articles for your newsletter, we will generally write all of the copy.  If there is breaking news, such as a new model introduction, new pricing or financing information, an upcoming promotion, etc. we request that you provide this information to us 48 hours prior to delivery. 

You always have editorial approval on all copy that goes out.  We submit final newsletters 24 hours prior to delivery for approval.  If we do not receive any changes, the newsletter goes out as scheduled.  Any original copy that we write is very generic and non-controversial, so you don't need to worry about having problems with articles that appear in your newsletter.  Any offers or advertising must be approved by a management member prior to publishing.

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Can I offer advertising space in my newsletter?

Sure!  Once you have attained a certain number of newsletter subscribers, it may be worthwhile to have affiliated companies like insurance companies, finance institutions, accessory vendors, etc. pay to be included in your newsletter.  You can either cut a deal directly with them, in which case we will provide them with advertising parameters for the newsletter and simply insert their ad and link, or you can ask us to help you for a standard brokerage commission.

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How much do you charge?

We charge a flat fee of $1,495 per month for an unlimited sized database.  This fee includes your database management, email deliveries, monthly reporting, one "flash alert" per month, newsletter production, maintenance and customer service.

There is a one-time initial setup fee of $1,500.  This covers original design of your emails and newsletters, all copywriting for the sales letters, a private web page for data entry, database setup, initial database import, and comprehensive coordination with management to implement the system with the least possible delay or distraction for your personnel.

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What is your "introductory offer"?

We will waive the initial month's fee on all new accounts.  This means that you simply pay the setup fee and we will operate your system for free the first month.  At that point you determine whether or not our system will pay for itself!  We are so sure that you will become a long-term customer that we have no minimum contract terms.  If you would like to see our service agreement, click here. (This is a pdf file and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee that you will be satisfied.  If for any reason we can't design and build a Leadkeeper system that you like, we will refund your setup fee.  You have a month to try us out, and if you aren't happy with the results you will have paid no monthly fee.  Only if you believe that the Leadkeeper system will be worthwhile (and we are sure you will!) do you need to remit payment for the second month and go on a regular billing cycle.  At that point, you can simply quit at any time.  Once you experience the power and value of Leadkeeper, we are confident that you will remain a long-term customer!

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What about...?

Do you have any questions we haven't answered?  That's what the phone is for!  Give us a call at 888-550-7460.  We welcome all questions, comments and suggestions!

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