They can leave your lot, but they can't leave your reach

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Improve Sales to Existing Leads
Hedge Against Turnover
Boost Support Services


Hands Off - You Do Nothing

No Computer Investment

No Long Term Contracts

Internet Based / Multi-User

The  LEADKeeper Advantage

With LEADKeeper your sales prospects (who you've paid dearly for!) who walk off the lot will receive follow-up information during the critical 3 - 5 day period of buying a new car.

You'll have a complete database of customers from all areas of your shop - ready to do "marketing on demand".  As soon as you have a new special ready - LEADKeeper will be sending out your ad to just the right group.

What makes this program unique?  Our ability to create and deploy vibrant email designs that attract attention is unmatched in the industry.  Every time you contact your leads, you know that you are putting your best foot forward.

Tour the LEADKeeper System

In only seconds you can now add prospects and customers to a database that will ensure proper follow-up and contact forever

Every computer terminal with an Internet connection has access to your dealership's entry page.  Simply log in, enter your user name and password and you're in!  

Once you've logged into the system, there are only four items to enter per customer.  The customer's first name and last name; their email address; the salesperson's name and the type of customer - sales, parts or service.  The entire process to enter a customer takes less than 15 seconds.  That is it.  You're done. LEADKeeper picks up from there and automatically schedules the predetermined follow-up.

View Samples Below

SALES CUSTOMERSIf the customer was a new or used car sales customer:

PARTS CUSTOMERS: If the customer was in the parts department:

SERVICE CUSTOMERS: If they brought their car in for service:



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